About Us

Eezapet began when Heather Murphy, one of the co-founders of Soothfast Skincare, wanted a natural product for her allergy dog Coco.  Being one half of a team that made natural skincare for people it was an easy jump to applying her knowledge to our furry friends.  Heather's role as a dog handler at the SPCA helped her to test the need for an effective itch relief remedy for small pets, cats and dogs.

After launching Eezapet in February 2014 at the re-opening of SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) new headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand,  word of the product spread and demand grew.  Eezapet is now available in 102 stockists around Aotearoa New Zealand and two in Singapore.  Interest from international customers prompted the creation of an online solution for our customers, through this site launched in June 2015.


Heather Murphy

Co-founder and Director

  • dog lover
  • passionate about natural solutions for pets and people alike
  • the financial brains of the business
  • loves connecting with our customers 





Ana Tomari Eezapet

 Ana Tomari

Co-founder and Director

  • Big-picture visionary who drives things forward
  • Believes that Every Pet Should Have The Same Access to Natural Health Care As We Do
  • Developer of initial formulation


  • lives with her sister Bhindi the brindle at Heather's place and now has a little brother called Hemi
  • loves long walks in the bush and swims at the beach
  • rolls over for Eezapet and s the whole reason we made our itch-reliever

















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