Eezapet 30ml plus Hoki Treats

Eezapet 30ml plus Hoki Treats

Stop the scratching fast with Eezapet.  Effective, easy to apply and your pet will love it.

For use on cats, dogs and small pets,  Eezapet is easy to apply and works rapidly to relieve the itch associated with hot spots (heat rashes), allergies and rashes of all kinds including mange.  Also great sunburn relief for our white furry friends. 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • made in NZ
  • tested on humans first.


Newflands Hoki Treats are freeze dried Hoki which are cut into small 10 mm x 10 mm cubes. They are wonderful training aides and can be easily placed in your pockets and broken into smaller portions for small dogs. Newflands Hoki is sustainably fished off the coast of New Zealand and carries the MSC certification with our treats. The bites can be added to your pets dinner, crumbled over in a powder or even added to warm pet milk on a cold winters night as a supper. 

Every pet should have the same access to natural healthcare as we do.

Eezapet is a premium pet health care product made with beeswax and active herbals.

We stand by our product's efficacy and if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money.  Terms and conditions apply.


30 ml Eezapet and 5g Hoki Treats







Eezapet stops the itch for your dog or cat fast!


Eezapet is a premium pet health care solution for your itchy dog, cat or small pet.  Stop the itch fast with our 100% natural effective answer to rashes, allergic reactions, hot spots, abrasions and skin concerns.

Nothing nasty, nothing hidden, 100% natural, safe for you and safe for our environment. Free from animal testing and formulated to ensure you have the best natural pet health care products.

 Made in New Zealand and tested on humans first. 

Every Pet Should Have The Same Right To Natural Health Care As We Do