13 dogs and a cat

May 02, 2019 Heather Murphy

I13 Dogs and a cat thought I would give you a little highlight of some of the dogs (and a cat) that I met on my recent trip to Vietnam. Eezapet was loaded in to my bag in case we met anyone in need - it’s always one of my fears when travelling to different countries is seeing....

Don’t Blame The Dog – It’s All In The Training

July 23, 2018 Heather Murphy

Is euthanizing the dog really the right answer? One year ago this month, this little fella was terrorizing the neighbourhood; chasing, killing and eating chickens! Meet the 7-month-old Foxie cross. All I can say is that I was thankful for two things: that he lived near me and that he was not a chained dog At least he was free to express himself and without training, rules and regulations, express himself he did! Now this wasn’t his fault – he didn’t know you weren’t supposed to kill nor chase chickens – he was just having some fun and found a...

Sweet but not so sweet for dogs

June 19, 2018 Heather Murphy

Have you heard of Xylitol? In our age of low sugar and no sugar, new alternatives to sugar have popped up all over the place! As one of them, Xylitol is dangerous to dogs,  I thought it was time to highlight it. Particularly when it is used as an additive. Although Xylitol is not a new product it has been recently embraced in the food sectors in NZ along with other countries and is being included in many foods. The Dangers   While Xylitol is relatively safe to all other species it is highly poisonous to dogs. Canines are the...


December 13, 2017 Heather Murphy

Pancreatitis - what it is and what causes it.  A little known fact that EVERY pet parent needs to know! Christmas is a time when we eat lots of foods and rich foods.  Eating leftovers is the symbol of Boxing Day!  Which are generally all-good for us humans but not so good for our pets. As it is the Christmas season, I wanted to bring to your attention the dangers of certain types of foods to our pets. This is not about the usual chocolate and grapes but something far more serious that can be fatal. Met Mia – the...

Mites in the Dust

November 01, 2017 Heather Murphy

We are surrounded by mites in this world, there are a whole variety of these tiny little creatures living around us and we usually co-exist with them fine. But when their populations overwhelm or when an internal system is stressed then an allergy can present.